The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 105: Strategy Alignment and People-Centered Business in Crisis with Erin Bledsoe 

This week Mike continues his discussions with Talent Magnet Institute faculty members, drawing on their areas of expertise to answer pressing concerns of leaders around the globe.  Erin Bledsoe defines her “sweet spot” as “the intersection where strategy and talent meet.” 

Their conversation is tactical and insightful.  Be sure to take notes while you listen!  

Erin shares many insights and practical suggestions about communicating with teams and  prioritizing business initiatives, including: 

  • 2 essential elements an organization has to have to drive their business forward (1:50)
  • 3 things businesses need to do right now in order to thrive (3:42)
  • Tips for leaders on communicating priorities (10:44)  

Erin also shares

  • Key factors for success when reacting in crisis-mode (13:55)
  • Unique and effective resources for team engagement and culture preservation
  • The nuances of communicating with remote workers and front-line workers differently to create empowerment for everyone (20:46)
  • Communication tips for leaders to “soften the blow” when delivering bad news (23:31) 

One overarching theme in this podcast episode is:  Communicate, don’t assume. Erin shares ideas on how to be compassionate toward your workforce, and how to assess the unique needs and constraints your talent is dealing with right now. (23:29)






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