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Episode 104: Character Traits of Enduring Leaders with Don Frericks 

This week Mike discusses leadership with one of his long-time mentors and advisors, Don Frericks, founder of Don Frericks Leadership Coaching.  In this inspiring discussion they share key take-aways for every leader at every level of an organization.

They share insights about 

  • Key character elements of people who rise to the surface during difficult times 
  • The importance of a communication plan 
  • How to convey empathy and sustain trust, especially during a crisis.

Don says that every leader should be asking themselves one key question--find out what it is by listening to this inspiring conversation! (4:05)


Mike imparts practical tips for business leaders who are making tough decisions about their talent.  He and Don discuss: 

  • What factors to consider when making tough talent decisions (6:03)
  • How to show empathy when you are struggling with your own uncertainty (6:03)
  • Valuable leadership communication tactics that will convey confidence even if you don’t know what the future will bring. (6:50, 9:33)

Mike and Don agree that every leader needs to acknowledge that how they communicate right now is how they will be remembered in the short-term and the long-term.  (12:13)

How do you want to be remembered through this crisis?

Many organizations need to cut back on coaching and professional development. Mike and Don offer effective techniques to 

  • Continue development even if you don’t have cash flow right now (15:41)
  • Communicate your long-term vision for development, even if that involves short-term discontinuation (17:29) 
  • Convey your messaging so that it will be heard accurately. (20:30)

Mike and Don call to action all people to lead, regardless of their title.  “Leadership is not a title; it is an opportunity.” (27:20)

You won’t want to miss this tactical discussion!  LISTEN NOW!

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