The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 103: Taking Care Of Your People As A Leadership Initiative with Andy Foerster 

This week Mike discusses more leadership issues in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic with Leadership Strategist Andy Foerster.  Andy is President of Leadership Energy Engagement, LLC and a Talent Magnet Institute Faculty Member.  

Andy and Mike share unique and truly inspiring lessons for leaders that Andy gained from his tenure in the Navy, as well as corporate life.

Find out who is Andy Foerster and what makes him uniquely qualified to excel during high stress and change. (1:17)

Mike asks Andy to share the lessons he learned in the Navy as a submarine engineer, such as: 

  • 6 features every leader needs to display right now (3:20, 13:56)
  • How to treat people with integrity when tough decisions need to be made (5:45)
  • Lessons Andy learned on a submarine about how to get along with people you work and live with 24/7 (7:34)

“Assume good intent (on the part of others) and be kind.” 

Andy Foerster (28:37)

Andy emphasizes that leaders need to take advantage of the “pause” in business, and see it as a huge opportunity to “reboot and refresh.”  (18:21)

Mike and Andy discuss the big question many leaders have:  Should they continue to invest in coaching and professional support of their management teams.  Their discussion gives leaders logical insight to make the right decision. (19:11)

Andy notes that when things “turn back on” the winners will be the ones with well-engaged employees.  He gives 3 tips for what leaders can continue to do to foster engagement in the current business climate. (21:02)

Mike wraps up their conversation asking Andy to share a powerful story that illustrates the true principles of a leader and what defines the “Platinum Rule.” (22:40)





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