The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 102: Being Courageous During Uncertain Times with Mike Sipple Jr. 

This week Mike breaks down the key components to being a great leader in the times of great change that we are facing today.  He shares: 

  • The 3 things you as a leader need to consider in order to relate to your people and inspire them (5:09)
  • How to stay centered and find the courage to step forward when you are uncertain of the future (7:10)
  • Creating workplaces and households that are collaborative problem-solving machines (12:22)

Mike is so passionate about helping you, the listeners and clients he serves. He has created a place where you can ask questions, reach out for suggestions, and just connect:

Mike also shares with you 2 simple steps to do this week to take advantage of changing times and keep your organization strong. (16:51)

Join Mike for 2 Deeper Dive Webinars this week!

Wednesday March 25th and Friday March 27th at 10 am 

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