The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 101: What It Takes To Be A Great Leader In Uncertain Times

This week Mike and Christine Lewis share their thoughts and observations about leadership and changes to everyday life during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.

 They discuss:

  • Key take-aways for unprecedented times (5:11)
    • What does everyday bravery look like?
    • What does leadership on every level look like?
    • What we CAN do right now in times of restriction
  • What Mike does to work thru ambiguity (6:37)
  • The art of compartmentalization (9:35)

Mike and Christine share candid comments about these unusual times and how the Talent Magnet Institute Podcast is working to help you lead better right now.  (11:36) 

Mike shares: 

  • Inspiring suggestions and tips for you to implement to lead compassionately in uncertainty. (14:40)
  • Two key points about creating camaraderie and loyalty in your organization (20:20)

“Leadership is an opportunity to listen.  It is an opportunity to encourage. It’s an opportunity to help and serve especially during times like these.” (23:49) 

Mike Sipple Jr. 

We encourage you to share your experiences that are helping you work and lead better on our Facebook community page.  What you are doing may help someone else.

The Talent Magnet Institute is here for you now more than ever to help you lead better in relationships, work, community and life. 





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