The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 100: Reflections On 100 Conversations With Mike Sipple Jr.

Your host, Mike Sipple Jr. takes this momentous occasion of the 100th episode to reflect on purpose, impact, and to share aspirations for the future. 

Mike shares:

  • What to expect from the Talent Magnet Institute in the next 100 episodes (5:20)
  • More engagement with you, our listeners, (6:52)
  • Our goal to get your most relevant questions answered by future guests (7:33)

Mike dives into the bigger vision of Talent Magnet Institute, sharing the 7 key areas of Leadership thought. (8:10)

LISTEN NOW to find out what are those key factors! 

“Get people to fully believe and understand and acknowledge where they see them helping us achieve as employers. [When] you make that alignment, this will help you stop having to reimplement things…[and] eliminate frustration.” Mike Sipple Jr. (9:25) 

Knowing that our listeners are intelligent leaders who love to constantly learn, Mike shares what topics will have deep dives that greatly affect your organization’s success and create a magnetic momentum.  (10:12)

LISTEN NOW to find out what topics you should be focused on to create magnetic momentum with your people. 

Mike passionately shares the TMI mission and what that means for the future of leadership, as well as what you can continue to expect on the podcast. (14:07)

Go to to connect with Mike and to many free resources for leaders!  Mike asks you to join the conversation: Submit questions, areas in which you want to be better, be a guest! (21:22)

Thank you for listening! We are grateful for sharing in this journey.  







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