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Episode 91:Let's Fix Work with Laurie Ruettimann

In this episode Mike talks to fellow podcaster, Laurie Ruettimann, who is the host of the Let’s Fix Work podcast.  They discuss myths that we grew up with about work, and how work should be.  

Listen NOW and hear how Laurie explains:

  • Why work is at its basis a compromise (2:31)
  • What Human Resources is really (4:58)
  • How human optimization will shape work in the future. (5:35)

Mike and Laurie talk about how leaders need to change the way they think about their role in how people show up to work.  They discuss how the performance metrics used to measure success in business today need to change because they are killing people-focused leadership.  (8:09)

Laurie’s expertise is at the heart of what work is and what it is not.  She and Mike discuss:

  • What work will not fix in your life, and it isn’t meant to be (11:58)
  • The story of one of Laurie’s clients who had false stories about work, and how she guided her to stop playing the “blame game” (14:01)
  • What our true “lifetime” roles are, putting our work in perspective relative to the big picture of life, and how to not get tangled up in the wrong titles (16:10)

Listen NOW to hear about Laurie’s book, coming out sometime next year which goes into detail about: 

  • Her “winning formula” for staying balanced and joyful with work (18:35)
  • Her advice about how to be your own advocate in the workplace (21:43)
  • How our broken relationships with money is affecting our work (25:57)

She contends that taking personal responsibility for “self” first is the key to success and suggests that personal development is more important than professional development in order to be an effective leader. (30:31)

“Be the Chief Training Officer of your own Life”  

Laurie Ruettimann

Be sure to check her out on Twitter, Linked In and her website for podcast episode, book club announcements and consulting services.  






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