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Episode 90: Creating Community with Podcasts and Twitter Chats with Jon Thurmond, the co-Host of the HR Social Hour Podcast

The first episode of the new decade finds Mike discussing the power of connecting through podcasting. In an era where virtual connections via social media are the norm, Jon Thurmond, who is a seasoned HR practitioner and podcast co-host with Wendy Dailey, talks to Mike about how he has been able to create meaningful friendships and connect on and off the internet via their podcast and Twitter chats. 

They discuss:

  • How a missed opportunity to go to a conference turned into a Twitter chat that engaged people from 9 countries on a Sunday night (2:05)
  • The value of connecting to a larger community (5:05)
  • The true secret to great podcasts (31:24)

“We all have the ability to build a community around us and make an impact.” (6:34)

Mike Sipple, Jr. 

Jon shares his experience with being laid off and how he leveraged his online relationships to find new opportunities. (11:33) He also shares some of his expertise in Human Resources and recruiting. (14:27)

“It’s not just about hiring the right’s about the culture that you create and the experiences that you have.” (16:40) Mike Sipple, Jr. 

Jon shares several stories about creating real live communities from a podcast (17:12) and his amazing experience of connection at Jimmy Pardo’s live event at Virginia Beach. (18:40)

Jon and Mike talk about the power of the authentic voice, and how Jon and Wendy sift out valuable guest experiences from “pitches.”  He also explains how they uniquely incorporate their sponsors into their episodes by tying in with a personal connection. (37:03)

Jon and Wendy’s Twitter Chat is @HRSocialHour and is held on the 4th Sunday of the Month at 7 pm Eastern. It reaches participants in 45-55 countries each month.

Follow them on Twitter @HRSocialHour.  You can also listen to their podcast at






Episode #76

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