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Dr. Janet Reid is a Board of Advisor for our founding organization, Centennial Talent Strategy and Executive Search. TMI’s co-founder, Mike Sipple, Jr., often states that had it not been for Dr. Janet Reid the organization would still be thinking about the possibility, not building to make it a reality. Dr. Reid's vision, experiences, and encouragement are paramount to the fully robust platform designed for TMI’s clients and members. We are so thankful that she has also decided to consult, serve, and build content with us so that our members get the best of what she has to offer. Dr. Reid is a mentor of our co-founder, Mike Sipple Jr. She is one of the best leaders, coaches, consultant and mentor.

Dr. Reid is the founder and CEO of BRBS World, LLC, a private, boutique, global management consulting consortium located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

She and her consortium serve a select group of forward-leaning clients whose growth is dependent upon retaining world-class leaders who value diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Reid has personally consulted on all aspects of talent management at all levels regarding domestic and global diversity and inclusion. She has consulted in this capacity for hundreds of Fortune 500 multinational corporations, institutions of higher education, government agencies, and national not-for-profit organizations.

One of Dr. Reid’s areas of expertise is global diversity and inclusion, and the business and social effects of globalization on corporations. She developed and led the multinational strategy for Global Novations (a company she founded), ultimately resulting in the company having a deep and unique expertise, which was sought by clients on almost every continent. While having worked in many countries, she has broad experience in China, having consulted there for over 20 years.


Prior to founding Global Novations, Dr. Reid spent a decade at the Procter and Gamble Company where she first made significant contributions in the innovation and product development division and later in the marketing and branding division. In addition to her scientific and marketing work, Dr. Reid was a trailblazer in leading diversity and inclusion initiatives and was awarded a Procter and Gamble Pioneering Woman award for groundbreaking results in impacting corporate culture.

She is a thought leader in diversity and inclusion as co-author of The Phoenix Principles: Leveraging Inclusion to Transform your Company and The Phoenix Principles Work Book, with V. Randolph Brown. She and Vincent Brown developed the concepts of Cultural Dexterity™, Familarity, Comfort and Trust (FCTTM), Global Beads™ and many other intellectual properties of Global Novations. Dr. Reid also created the powerful executive coaching and team building suite of solutions entitled Success Path™, Success Path Pairs™, and Success Path Teams™ (more commonly referred to as “Pairs Training”). The Success Path™ suite has had a significant impact on over 10,000 executives worldwide.

We are honored to have Dr. Reid as a key team member and executive leader of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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