Change Management, Corporate Culture, and Executive Development Extraordinaire

Chris Halter is a leader who people want involved in their opportunities and challenges because of his incredible ability to see their greatest potential. Even while dealing with hard realities, Chris is a coach and advisor who is concerned about everyone’s success. 

Success for Chris is not just about work, but also about success in relationships, community, and life. Chris knows the ability a leader has to make or break a culture. He knows how to provide the tools, resources, and skills to provide respect, gain trust, and take a corporate culture to new heights! The desired state where people feel valued, heard, and aligned is Chris's passion and expertise. He supports organizations in their overall development, growth, and achievement while building a culture of care and intentionality. Chris is known by his clients as one of the most active listeners there is and takes great responsibility in serving leaders well.

Before working with TMI, Chris started Focal Point Inc. in 1997, a market and behavioral research company. After 15 years in the business, Chris took his learnings, and in 2008 he received an International certification in executive coaching (ACMC) that has taken him around the world helping clients reframe possibilities. In 2012, Chris teamed up with Lynne Ruhl and Mike Sipple, Jr. co-creating environments with our clients at Talent Magnet Institute that have transformed how they work and live today.

We are honored to have Chris as a key team member of the Talent Magnet Institute.

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