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Certified High Performance Coach™

Amanda Foust brings a “you can have it all” attitude to the team. As a coach, entrepreneur, and mother, she has perfected the art of balance by ensuring she is being most efficient and effective with her time. We are excited to have her expertise on the team.

As a certified high-performance™ coach, Amanda helps success-driven business people develop daily habits and a growth-oriented mindset so that they can reach their highest potential and operate at peak performance.

Beyond her leadership degree, her training consists of certifications in both high-performance coaching and life coaching. She has been trained in neuroplasticity, the science of well-being through Yale University, as well as several positive psychology practices through the University of Pennsylvania. These trainings and education give her a unique perspective, tools, resources and support to help leaders reach their goals. Amanda also runs a writing company called The Homegrown Writing Collective that helps businesses target their messaging and scale.

We are honored to have Amanda as a key team member at the Talent Magnet Institute.

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