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Episode 86: Leisa Mulcahy Shows Us How To Do Successful Regional Collaboration To Effectively Solve Workforce Issues

This week, Mike is behind the microphone with Leisa Mulcahy, Vice President of Workforce at The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce.  They discuss an initiative called Grow Northern Kentucky which is creating incredible success for the entire Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region.  

Leisa explains the exciting challenges that Grow Northern Kentucky is helping to resolve by partnering with a diverse group of organizations. (3:40)

She shares the 5 pillars of the initiative and why starting with Kindergarten readiness is important to regional talent growth.  (5:03)

Mike and Leisa discuss something unique in business that is happening right now is a “common agenda.” (7:38) 

Success is “all about our businesses having a deep well of talent to pull from and...our talent in the community having a broad range of opportunity to choose from.”  Leisa Mulcahy (8:38)

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You will also hear: 

  • What questions Leisa asks to help corporations get the right talent and tools (10:49)
  • The importance of intentional employment brand planning (11:22)
  • Why something as simple as your vacation policy may be causing your talent woes (11:49)

Mike says “It doesn’t just happen by hoping people show up.” (11:22) 

Mike and Leisa share insights about:

  • The greatest shift in workforce trends in 50 years that is forcing organizations to think differently (14:25)
  • What two things are the real reasons behind retention issues (15:14)
  • The one thing you can do to retain your top performers (15:41)
  • One tip in planning that you can incorporate to decrease turnover and costs associated with it (17:19)
  • How planning an annual culture alignment audit can affect employee engagement (18:19) 

“We can only move this work as far and fast as trust will take us.” (25:48) Leisa Mulcahy

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