The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 80: Letting Go Of Your Mistakes And The Plague Of Shame With Haley Hunt

This week, Mike’s conversation with Haley Hunt, Host of Jerseys and Heels: The Podcast is about coming to terms with events of the past, letting go of self-imposed shame, and being an authentic leader.

In this fun and down-to-earth episode you will hear: 

  • How and why Haley started Jerseys and Heels (4:00)
  • How it has turned into a much bigger calling--more than she ever realized (4:30)
  • About letting go of the fear of taking advantage of her relationships with well-known people, and how to navigate it so it doesn’t become self-serving. (5:46)

Mike notes that Haley has created a platform “to bring their (pro athletes’) humanity back.” Haley says her “brand becomes a need now for celebrities” and creates a connection between the player and the fan that brings a whole new perspective and dialogue. (9:10)

In their discussion, Mike and Haley go deep about the impact stepping out of your comfort zone can have on another person or people. She shares her stories about: 

  • Her top three favorite episodes (hint: 2 are NFL players, and one is in a totally different sport you would never think of (10:35)
  • How “playing bold” and reaching out to a kid from another school that she didn’t know transformed both of their lives (13:48)
  • Haley coming out of the shadows and speaks her truth about the shame she lived with for years. (20:00)

Through sharing her story about having an abortion, and overcoming the fear of what other people would think of her, she set herself free from deep shame. She knows her story is not unique and shares with Mike about how she knows her message to help free people from their shame is her purpose.  

Haley insightfully says, “Let go of being prideful,” and be authentic. Mike ties Haley’s story to one of the goals of TMI: to expel the killer of isolation, and let people know that whatever your story--letting it out will set you free. (27:15)





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