The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 79: Tactical Wisdom From A Great Career With Master Of Organizational Development, Michael Glenn

In this week’s episode, Becky Scheeler, VP of Client Engagement for Centennial Executive Search and Talent Strategy (TMI’s parent company) interviews her long-time mentor and friend Michael Glenn. 

They met at Fidelity 30 years ago and still keep in touch, learn and grow from one another. Here, they discuss real-life stories about conflict resolution and attributes every leader must have to succeed. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

  • 3 leadership tactics Mike used with Becky that shaped her future career potential (1:50)
  • 1 thing that managers hardly ever do but is the BEST tactic for keeping high potential talent (3:30)
  • What coaching clients REALLY want to know when they hire you, and how to build trust (10:15) 

Invaluable leadership information, Mike shares his 3 variables for success that he has learned from decades of experience with leaders and organizations. (11:57)

Mike is a master at helping organizations communicate more effectively, and he shares REAL-WORLD CONFLICT RESOLUTION tactics when culture becomes toxic. (14:00)

He shares another story about proactive organizational design and how NOT to throw a new leader under the bus when entering a battlezone. (16:43)

You will also hear about how Mike: 

  • Was asked to start a wellness program at Kellogg’s in the 80’s because of his love for running (21:43)
  • How his faith has guided him to a successful career (26:07)
  • Wisdom from hindsight: What he would do differently (27:39)

“A really wise person once said, ‘The true value of a surgeon is not how well the surgeon cuts. It’s how well the patient heals.’” Mike Glenn (28:35)

Mike’s final words reflect on his desire to follow up on his clients better and to create a legacy with the help of the Talent Magnet Institute. 


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