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Episode 78: How Home Life Can Predict Leadership Success

This week, Mike talks to Cory Carlson, Executive Coach, Author and Speaker, about his recently published book, Win At Home First: An Inspirational Guide to Work-Life Balance. As an Executive Coach, Cory has worked with many leaders. 

He says when his clients really get to the root of their leadership, it most commonly has to do with how well things are going at home. 

Mike and Cory discuss: Cory’s journey that lead to his writing of the book and how being authentic was hard to do but made all the difference in his own growth (3:30)“Three Temptations” story that everyone needs to hear often to keep all parts of our lives in perspective (5:30)Two “breakdowns” that forced him to change the way he lives and views success (9:20)

Cory shares his insight about symptoms of dysfunction and how to know when something is out of whack. He says this can apply to anyone. “We all go to where we get if home life is not going well then we’ll go to work (or volunteer too much)” (16:36)

What’s REALLY keeping executives up at night is not what you think. (18:42)

Mike and Cory agree that, “personal life counts so much more than professional life.” They talk about 

Their personal struggles with finding that harmony with work and family How HOME actually dictates success at work (not the other way around). (18:50)

“You need to win at home first IN ORDER TO create capacity, create a position of margin in your life, so that when you go to the office you have empathy for others; so you can actually think creatively.” Cory Carlson (19:00)

Hear about Cory’s proven tools for successful balance to help anyone (not just leaders) create “healthy rhythms” in their lives. (22:50)

They wrap up with a heartfelt message we all need to hear. 

“It’s not just business. We all have lives.” (28:08) Balancing feels like a teeter totter: One side has to be up in the air while the other is down. 

But as Cory and Mike discuss, life is much more successful in the office, when our out-of-the-office lives are given the same care and attention.

Win At Home First gives leaders unique tools and indicators to stay on track for better balance. 

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