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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 76: Reframing Failure as a Good Thing with Sarah Brown

Many of us are taught to avoid failure. However, as most leaders know, failure is necessary for success.

In this episode, Mike and Sarah Brown, Host and Owner of the Failing Forward Podcast, and Senior Director for Learning and Employee Engagement at Health Carousel, discuss true success in life and moving into deeper, more meaningful dialogue. 

They unveil: The story behind destigmatizing failure for Sara and why she started the Failing Forward Podcast (1:47)Her very personal relationship with alcoholism (4:25)Wisdom about success at work: it’s not the whole story (8:00)

Sarah said she has picked up on what it takes to be truly successful with hosting her podcast and shares her 4 components of resilient people, she terms “HERO” (9:16)

One reason Sarah says she started the podcast is because she believes we need to connect deeper. She says, “We talk about nothing a lot...I like having those deeper conversations.” (17:20) 

Mike and Sarah share stories about what success really looks like (19:04) “It’s messy”

One of the most exciting moves for Sara is her offshoot podcast called, Failing Forward with Ados, teaching adolescents that failure is part of success as well as how to manage stress. (25:34) Listen now to how and why she is so passionate about this subject.

The last part of their conversation has great nuggets of wisdom! They discuss: Why EVERYONE needs coaching (not just for negative situations)Changing one’s ability to achieve success (29:15)The power of asking for help (31:43)How to “take your pace” (35:26)You can listen to Sara’s podcast Failing Forward at and find her on social media outlets at failforwardpod.

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