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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 67: Creating the Culture for Impact with Meredith Meyer

Today we get a follow-up episode, where Mike sits down again with Meredith Meyer, founder of Infinite Potential! They’re talking about the concept, how it manifests when you change your role, and how organizations can foster it among their employees. 

What is My Best Use as a Leader?

This is a question everyone should be asking themselves, and Meredith talks about how she came to ask it of herself, and others. There are a lot of different ways that someone can be of use, and bring their abilities to the table, and finding out what a valuable and exciting process it is. Mike wonders if it’s possible for your ‘best’ to change and shift over time, and Meredith talks about how more and more that is becoming the norm in people’s career paths. The complexities of different kinds of leadership need to be acknowledged and it’s important for people to remember that there are many things they don’t know.

Perception Rarely Matches Reality 

Meredith talks about some of the twists and turns her career has taken - and points out how the reality of moving into the education industry from the corporate world was much more impactful than it would have looked like from the outside. Mike points out that it takes a lot of courage and self-confidence to make a move that looks “downward” from the outside. Meredith feels she had always been edging towards something outside of traditional business models, and diving into social justice work was an amazing opportunity. It was her skills and abilities in business that allowed her to bring her best value to the role. This is an example of how your skills transfer with you, even if your role and title don’t.

Creating the Right Environment

Leaders of organizations have to provide environments that allow people to bring their best. There is both a moral and ethical element to this and a practical, profitable one. Meredith talks about what employees and customers are starting to expect from large organizations. Being socially responsible in a variety of ways is imperative. Mike points out that it’s almost certain that your company is close to a school - get involved with them! Leaders can have second and even third “acts” in their careers - and that’s an incredibly exciting thing! It was this kind of thinking that inspired the Talent Magnet Institute. Mike shares what it really was that made Centennial grow and thrive - and it wasn’t just excellent recruiting services. 

Making a Difference is Relative

Meredith’s best use is helping to figure out how to make people happier and more productive - and that can sound like a little thing. But it’s HUGE on an individual level. She shares a story from a commencement speech that inspires her, and should remind us all that you don't need to run a massive non-profit to make a difference in the world - you can manage three teams very well, and make their lives better and that is a valuable, meaningful difference. What that looks like and what it means can change over time. The important thing, the thing that needs to be consistent is that you feel you’re making a difference.

Reach out to Meredith, Mike, or any other members of the Talent Magnet Institute to talk about the value you’re bringing to the world, and if you need help or support doing more of it!

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