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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 63: Opportunities to Lead with Love with Mike Sipple Jr.

In a very special episode of the Talent Magnet Institute, Tim Hanner, the President of NaviGo, who happened to be the first-ever interview conducted by the host of the show, turns the mic on Mike Sipple Jr. 

From the Family Farm in Grant County

Mike is a busy guy, leading several organizations, hosting deeply involved in his community, and an invested family man. Those who know him know that he’s everywhere – and know that he’s all heart.

Mike started working at the family business, Centennial Inc, to pay for landscaping and horticulture schooling – but his father’s mentor suggested that Mike would make a good candidate for the family business permanently. 18 years later, Mike is delighted by how much he loves his career. (And the smell of fresh-cut grass!) 

The Impact of Faith

As an extrovert, Mike feels called to love, learn about and work with people directly. Through Centennial, Impact Co-Working and the Talent Magnet Institute, Mike has the opportunity to live his faith and make a difference in many, many people’s lives. 

Mike recalls how his father always began his days with ritual – exercise and scripture. He doesn’t keep his study private – he connects with several people every single day about the gospel. People might be surprised that Mike is sometimes nervous to speak or to lead – but he always keeps in mind that he’s there for a reason – and these events are opportunities more than something to be anxious about. 

Avoiding Overcommitting

Mike is currently on his “second round” of serving on boards – and something he thinks is important is having a great deal of empathy for especially younger volunteers on boards (and at work, and elsewhere in life!) – it’s important to consider that if someone has young children, or other major life events – are they going to be able to manage everything and preserve the quality of their lives? Taking the whole person into account allows both organizers and individuals to make decisions that work for a person holistically. Sometimes it’s a yes, sometimes it’s a not right now. And sometimes – you can say yes to interesting opportunities – but not alone! Bring your family, your partner and your friends with you to volunteer and be involved in the community. Investing in your personal life is as important as investing in your professional life. 

The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Mike talks about the TMI Podcast: how they choose guests that are deeply invested in changing the world, and representing a wide variety of people, cultures and communities. Mike’s firmest rule, is that in order to interview someone, Mike needs to know you (and your reputation as a leader.) It impacts relationships, work, community, and life. The podcast isn’t only about the Talent Magnet Institute – it’s about the guests, and importantly – the people listening to it. 

A Deeply Personal Story

Mike’s mother and other family members grew up in a very broken home, and seeing people coming from that situation inspired him to get involved with All Pro Dad – where male parents of children can become better at showing up and expressing appreciation and love for their kids. Mike shares why All Pro Dad is an organization he’s proud to be a part of, and the difference he sees it making in the lives of families across the country. He particularly values the “Why I’m proud of you” exercise. 

Looking to the Future

Mike has a series of prayers for the future. That his 3 children, when they grow, choose careers that make them happy and fulfilled. He is excited about his future with his family, for his companies, and continuing to help people lead and love well in all areas. 

Lead Well

When you lead a team or an organization and have countless responsibilities to attend to, it's easy to forget about taking care of yourself. There are three pillars of personal care that will make YOU a better leader. Find out what they are, and how to work them into your busy schedule.

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