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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 29: Team Building and Generational Diversity with David Velie

‘Millenials are like this; Gen Zs are like that.’ Statements like this put employees in little boxes and don't let them shine with unique talent. To be a talent magnet, you need to understand how people think.

Why do people want to work for your organization? What do you have to offer to your employees? How are you different from your competition? David Velie, CEO at AMEND Ventures, joins Mike, and they discuss how to create a culture of commitment with generational drivers in their organization.

  • David Velie is a leadership consultant who thrives on helping others accomplish amazing things. David's understanding of generational drivers has given his organization an innovative recruitment edge.
  • Most employers seem to miss the importance of understanding the psyche of their recruits. The biggest misconception is that money is the reason behind why employees come and go. But that isn’t the only reason. Beyond financial security, people have other motivations, which is why companies must create a flexible work environment that nurtures a commitment to their organization. David talks about the importance of understanding why employees choose to work with you.
  • Each generation has different opinions on what their priorities are. To make things simpler, companies resort to sorting their workforce into groups. Unfortunately, labeling often comes with its own biases, and when this happens, leaders miss the opportunity to tap into their employees’ individual strengths. David shares how his company encourages engagement and why you should get your team together in one room and hang out.
  • How can you optimize your team to perform at their best? The simple answer is: “Set them up for success.” Help your employees align their personal goals with your organization's goals. Provide the necessary tools and training they need to do their job well. Encourage them to take on new roles and do better. Listen to them and look for ways to offer flexibility. When you invest in your people, you give them the opportunity to invest their best effort back into your company and their community.
  • Mike and David talk about the importance of living in the present and practicing intentional talent engagement. Engage your team so they can ask important questions. Empower them so they can answer those questions themselves. Your organization is able to develop results that are largely dependent on how you are leading them to success and solutions.
  • When you give people room to grow, lead and be successful, innovation is born. Most of the time, the biggest ideas don't come from the top of the organizational hierarchy. This is because innovation is made out of smaller ideas merged together through creativity. Let your employees share their ideas and listen to these ideas. Doing so will help create an even bigger idea pool and the whole organization benefits from finding new solutions at a faster rate.

Key takeaways from Mike and David's conversation:

  • Intentional engagement encourages individuals to build relationships within the generationally diverse workforce.
  • Allow people to share their ideas in creative ways and avoid hierarchy mentality.
  • Understand generational drivers - there's no one way to get everyone on board.
  • Leaders who encourage people to take the next step contribute to the awakening of even more extraordinary leaders.

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