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The Talent Magnet Institute Podcast

Episode 16: Leading Sustainably and Avoiding Burnout with Elyse Jarard

Elyse Jarard is a speaker, author, healthy mindset strategist, principal of My Ripple Effect, as well as Mike’s personal coach for many years. Elyse believes that leaders today need someone supporting them as they navigate the evolution of what leadership is and will become.

Discover the science behind the practice of being, how to overcome the feeling you aren’t enough, and why the stories you tell yourself matter.

  • As her first career, Elyse was a trained scientist, which, she says, made her first career change a logical one as a health and fitness coach. And more importantly, Elyse knew she could impact people’s lives by helping them live better and healthier. This planted the seed of a concept that would take root and bloom a little later in her life and coaching career: being able to put yourself first.
  • This realization hit home with Elyse. As the leader of a fitness studio, she didn’t have much time for herself. After reflecting on her situation, Elyse realized that she was looking at things all wrong. She was losing the mental battle with success. She was in ‘survival mode,’ and that kept her from tapping into the best, most amazing version of herself. There are symptoms that accompany this – how many of them do YOU have?
  • If you have a recurring conviction that you aren’t able to do enough, if you’re constantly fatigued and possibly in pain, Elyse has a message for you. You need to take care of yourself. And the first step that Elyse uses with her clients is to schedule a few self-care things each day. It can be as simple as taking a few minutes to just breathe or changing the things you’re listening to. Elyse explains why these simple things matter.
  • Elyse also advocates getting outside into nature. While it might sound a little ‘granola,’ there’s science behind it. Trees give off massive amounts of oxygen, and oxygen makes our brains work better. Equally as important, we’re wired to have a deep connection with nature, whether we realize it or not, and things like hiking can spark creativity. Elyse talks about the benefits to your daily work life when you take time out to enjoy nature. She also reveals why you should ‘hit pause.’
  • This is the basis for the Ripple Effect. Elyse shares why ‘just being’ has a ripple effect on people. A great example is holding the door open for someone. It’s a small kindness that puts the other person in a better mood. She also shares a dose of reality when it comes to your to-do list. It’s never-ending, right? And that makes it hard to just be. She shares her own strategy for trimming down the to-do list, and it’s incredibly simple.
  • Elyse is a certified coach, and she learned from Olympic athlete coaches – the real deal. And she discovered some extremely counter-intuitive things about helping others succeed. First among those is how people who seek out coaching will often say they have more time for training than that actually do. They even sacrifice sleep for it, and that is a surefire way to fail. Elyse explains the concept of overreaching versus overtraining.
  • One of the simplest, most effective things you can do is listen to your body, but it doesn’t start there. Self-care begins with appreciation, so you need to learn to appreciate your body for the amazing biological machine it is. Elyse shares some of her thoughts on how to bring yourself to a place of gratitude that will allow you to listen to your body’s needs before you wear it down.
  • Your gratitude should extend beyond caring for your body. You also need to care for your mind, and there are a few easy methods of training your brain to be more positive. When you finish the day, do you focus on what you didn’t get done, or on what you accomplished? Elyse shares several ways to reinforce the positive things, which puts you in a state of mind to be more creative and a better leader.
  • Stories are powerful. We’re wired to remember them, but did you know that sometimes our powerful memories can work against us? When we tell ourselves stories about our lives, it can have a self-limiting effect. Think about what stories you tell yourself and how they make you feel. And then ask yourself if they’re only true because it’s a pattern you follow.
  • If you’re ready to take a step forward in your leadership and your life, then you need to hear what Elyse has to say about the Mindset Detox. It’s the same idea as a diet detox, but the big difference is that the Mindset Detox is designed to help you keep the changes you begin instead of going back to the old ways a week later. This is possible because you can change the way your brain works on a molecular level, and Elyse explains how.

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